Posted by Lolit on July 29, 2009


vespa-scootersDo we all know what is a scooter really is? For the really fist scooter made and produce in the public, it is like motorcycle. This kind of motorcycle really likes those common motorcycles we always seen. But of course there still some differences like it’s much smaller than an ordinary motorcycle.

But, nowadays, there is already a new produce and publish scooter in the public. And this one is more different from the first scooter. It was also called scooter but this can be played by kids. This is really actually for kids but there are also some adult people who played with it.

This kind of scooter is much commonly known as a kick scooter for the Vego-Scooters-28reason that it needs to use our feet to run this thing in the road. It does not need to put some fuel in it in order to run. This is really for playing and design only for kids.

At the first launch of this product, many people love to have even one with this. Of course it is new. It has a unique look that but a unique price. This has been very popular already in many countries and mostly teenage young one and kids are the one who always use it. I guess they have already abandoned their bike cycle, roller blades and even skateboard because of this scooter.

But, everything will past and I’m sure, people are now already waiting for the new one to be release.

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