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Types of Bikes

Mountain biking is a very popular sports nowadays. But to choose a type of bicycles was depending on what type of riding you like, and most especially the style of bicycle you will choose will also vary. cross country bike

1. Cross country - this is the type of bikes that almost mountain bikes will fit in this category. These types of bikes are just light weight, which makes them easy to ride over most terrains, even up and down hills. This is also the most common mountain bikes and can also be used an ease riding on the path or even commuting.


2. Downhill - This is for serious bikers who crave the ultimate adventure. This has a front and rear suspension with strong parts and disk brakes. This is rarely available off the shelf, and most riders like to custom build their own.


3. Trials – this involves a great degree of skill and it is also classified as the precision riding of the sport.  This type of bikes is also similar to downhill bikes, and most trial riders will often also build their own bikes, rather than buying one on the shelf. This type of bikes is very light also and very strong and this requires a lot of discipline.

Jump and slalom

4. Jump and slalom – This kind of type of bikes are a strong one and designed for jumping, street racing and of course slalom. It offers a front suspension and very strong components dedicated to what they do. This is the kind of bikes that are very popular also to a mountain biking sport.

Types of Scooters to Choose

One of the biggest innovations in transportation nowadays is the scooter. It is easy to use and comes in a wide range of models. And each of this models are adopted to different riding styles. Here are list of types of scooters.


Folding Scooter - this is the most popular type of scooter because it is a lightweight type. It is manually operated using the foot top to push them into motion because it does not have a motor.This kind of scooter can also compressed into the size of suit case because it is fold able. this is also available in two-three wheeled model. And the body frame is constructed in steel or aluminum and the wheels are made of polyurethane with an average of 100mm in size. It also has other features, a fender brake and stationary handle bar.

skaeboard scooter

Skateboard Scooter - his kind of scooter has the combination of scooter and skateboard. It has a distinguishing feature and that is the kick tail where it will raised portion of the deck. This type of scooter gives a beter balance and makes it deal for a trick riding. It has a smaller wheels than the standard scooter.


Mobility Scooter -  This type of scooter is equipped with three of four wheels.I is a battery operated that can up to 6 mph.The nicest thing with this is, it does not require a drivers license just to operate but can be driven in the sidewalks, and even in public transportation.This is commonly use to those person who have some difficulty in standing or walking for a long periods of time.

executive scooter

Executive Scooters - This is the type of scooter that are easily defined by is large wheels of polyuthane at the size of 180mm wide. This is a non motorized models but it does have a handbrakes and it does also gives a smooth ride in all types of road conditions.

gas motor scooters

Gas motorized Scooters - this was designed for on and off road riding. It is available for automatic or manual transmission.It has a body made by a steel and commonly equipped with an electric battery.


vespa-scootersDo we all know what is a scooter really is? For the really fist scooter made and produce in the public, it is like motorcycle. This kind of motorcycle really likes those common motorcycles we always seen. But of course there still some differences like it’s much smaller than an ordinary motorcycle.

But, nowadays, there is already a new produce and publish scooter in the public. And this one is more different from the first scooter. It was also called scooter but this can be played by kids. This is really actually for kids but there are also some adult people who played with it.

This kind of scooter is much commonly known as a kick scooter for the Vego-Scooters-28reason that it needs to use our feet to run this thing in the road. It does not need to put some fuel in it in order to run. This is really for playing and design only for kids.

At the first launch of this product, many people love to have even one with this. Of course it is new. It has a unique look that but a unique price. This has been very popular already in many countries and mostly teenage young one and kids are the one who always use it. I guess they have already abandoned their bike cycle, roller blades and even skateboard because of this scooter.

But, everything will past and I’m sure, people are now already waiting for the new one to be release.