Posted by Lolit on July 28, 2009

Pretend Play & Dress Up

DJ6512Kids are so imaginative. They imagine many things when they get into playing. That is why giving those toys that will let them pretend will give a big help to enhance their imaginative minds.

There are lots of pretend toys and dress up that can be found nowadays. This has been an educational toy that focuses the child’s imaginative brain to develop more. With these toys they can have an amaze imagination where they become something entirely new and exciting. To imagine helps them to get some idea of what could they want in the future.

We know that a child has a wide imagination that something to be encouraged and treasured. It is where they can learn many skills from their own play and even group play. Pretend play and dress up are wonderful ways to allow your child to dream and act out all sorts of fun adventures. It is where they will follow what you are doing at home. Just like seeing you cooking in the kitchen. If the kid sees you the kids might act to like she was also cooking like what you did.

Kids follow what they have seen to other people because it is their way to learn more about the things around them.

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